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Who are we?

Raising Peace is an alliance of more than 30 organisations that together are working to share ideas, knowledge and inspiration for a peaceful world.

The Raising Peace Network celebrates and raises the profile of peace, peacemaking and nonviolence. We have a strong belief in the ability of people and countries to prioritise peacemaking, to sustain peace and to work for a future where violence and war is no longer an acceptable way to settle conflict. We acknowledge the peaceful existence of First Nations peoples across Australia before colonisation and into the present.

Through our activities we unite peacemakers to learn from and support each other and to educate the community about peace, in all its forms.

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2021 Raising Peace Festival - an amazing success!
11 days, 37 events, 35 organisations, 120 speakers, 1000 attendees. The event was truly heartening. Standing together for peace, sharing our experience and passion for peace, we can do so much together.

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And if you only have 3 minutes, watch the closing statement from IPAN’s Nick Deane: