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Volunteer with us

This is a truly participatory event and we need your ideas and assistance with all aspects of organising it as our small group of volunteers are unable to cover all the areas and tasks that are needed to make this a highly successful event.  If you can contribute to any of the following please let us know, thank you.
  • Data management
  • Finance management
  • Programming
  • Publicity and media
  • Logistics, event management
  • Website
  • Online events
  • Outreach: engaging schools and universities, youth involvement
  • Volunteer engagement: for set-up, pack-up, greeting visitors, general help

Ways to Volunteer. People planting trees.
Peaceful Fair with many happy people

The Raising Peace Festival is entirely free, but we would welcome your support. Your donation will be shared between Raising Peace to help us run future events, and support for the Afghanistan crisis.

At least 50% of donations received from 1st September 2021 will be donated to Afghanistan.