First Nations Day

Saturday the 18th September 2021 is the Raising Peace Festival First Nations Day

First Nations Day of Events

Please see: Festival Recordings – for videos from the day

Incarceration Nation

Incarceration Nation

Incarceration Nation is a new must-watch feature documentary film

This groundbreaking production captures the raw reality for the many First Nations families who have suffered unspeakable losses and experience intergenerational trauma as a result of Australia’s ‘justice’ system failing them.
In the cool, calm and controlled outrage expressed by the film’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices, all who watch Incarceration Nation will see and hear the truth of this systematic injustice but also the strength and resilience of Aboriginal people. We must get this right.

Australia’s responsibility to Afghanistan and to its people - An online discussion on Tuesday 7 September, 4pm (AEST)

University of Sydney Peace and Conflict Studies

What is Australia doing for refugees from Afghanistan and for those that are already here? Join this critical discussion with academic experts and community leaders as we focus on what Australia owes to Afghanistan and what Australia owes to the world.

No Nuclear-Submarines; End U.S. Dominance; Healthcare not Warfare

Independent and Peaceful Australia Network started this petition to The Australian Government

No Nuclear Subs - No War With China

Australians speak out against nuclear submarines and AUKUS